100percentvaleur-DK, Title: Safety On Board, 2016

Privat collection, Title: Doll of Old Knowlegde, 2016

Privat collection, Title: Un Natural Doll, 2016

Privat collection, Title: Doll of Younf Fortune, 2016

Special assigment, Title: Doll of Bird Without Wings, 2016

100percentvaleur-DK, Title: Doll of Lost Fod, But, Lucky Rabbit Ear, 2016

Sold, Title: Something coming, 2016

100percentvaleur-DK, Title: Lattery, 2016

100percentvaleur-DK, Title: Latterous, 2016

100percentvaleur-DK, Title: Dukkeflise- Forfinet Til Skrinet, 2016

100percentvaleur-DK, Title: Dukkeflise- Flamingo Flame, 2016

100percentvaleur-DK, Title: Dukkeflise- Fit, 2016

100percentvaleur-DK, Title: Dukkeflise- Split For Fit, 2016

100percentvaleur-DK, Title: Dukkeflise- Split, 2016

100percentvaleur-DK, Title: Dukkeflise, 2016

Special assigment, Title: Growing Plastica, 2016

Privat collection, Title: Racing nr. 1, 2015

Valeur Prize, Title: Racing nr. 007, 2015

100percentvaleur-DK, Title: Racing nr. 18, 2015

100percentvaleur-DK, Title: Racing nr. 03, 2015

Galleri LABR-DK, Title: Racing nr. 13, 2015

Privat collection, Title: Mini Zorro Theif, 2015

100percentvaleur-DK, Title: Mini Starwars Warrior, 2015

Privat collection, Title: Mini Red Riding Hood, 2015

100percentvaleur-DK, Title: Mini Robo, 2015

100percentvaleur-DK, Title: Mini Black Mambo, 2015

100percentvaleur-DK, Title: Mini Radio Station, 2015

100percentvaleur-DK, Title: Mini High Tower, 2015

100percentvaleur-DK, Title: Mini Dumbo, 2015

Privat collection, Title: Mini Out of Space, 2015

Privat collection, Title: Mini Grævling, 2015

100percentvaleur-DK, Title: Mini Dino-tour, 2015

100percentvaleur-DK, Team Of Minis, 2015

Privat collection, Title: Hr. Lidt Af Hvert, 2015

Special assigment, Title: Good Luck, 2015

100percentvaleur-DK, Title: Line Ups, 2015

Galleri LABR-DK, Title: Out Of Reach, 2014

Privat collection, Title: Skibbrud, 2015

100percentvaleur-DK, Title: Give Me A R(a)ise, 2015

Special assigment, Title: Upside Down, 2014

Special assigment, Title: Spiti, 2014

100percentvaleur-DK, Title: Double Faced, 2014

100percentvaleur-DK, Title: Snedig, 2014

Special assigment, Title: Free Bird, 2014

Sold, Title: Corners, 2014

100percentvaleur-DK, Title: Pyrosvestis, 2013

Special assigment,Title: Fire Sticks, Complicated,

Special assigment, Title: Fire Sticks, Safe Hand, 2013

Special Assignment, Title: Fire sticks, Dance On Fire, 2013

Special assigment, Title: Fire Sticks, Big Chief, 2013

Special Assignment,Title: Fire sticks, Zorba, 2013

100percentvaleur-DK, Title: Escape, 2013

Privat collection, Title: Split Personality, 2013

Part 1 Just kiding --------part 2 mor(d)erlig

Part 3 Main-teen --------part 4 en Far-se

Part 5 Haps Dog

Privat collection,Title: Split personality
(position2), 2013

Privat collection, Title: V, 2012

Private collection, Title: Captain Scream, 2012

Private collection, Title: Unisex On High Heels, 2012

100percentvaleur-DK, Title: Gentleman, 2012

Sold, Title: No OD Little Danmark, 2012

Sold, Title: Dansk Godte, 2012

Special assigment, Title: Danish Dynamite, 2012

Special assigment, Title: Sweet Bandit, 2012

Private collection, Title: Rability, 2012

Special assigment, Title: Mr. Old Cigar, 2012

100percentvaleur-DK, Title: Finale, 2012

100percentvaleur-DK, Title: Punch Punker, 2012

Private collection, Title: Under Pressure, 2012

100percentvaleur-DK, Title: Stativet Tårner Sig, 2012

100percentvaleur-DK, Title: Skype, 2012

100percentvaleur-DK, Title: En Troning, 2012

Special assigment, Title: Jeg Skramler, 2012

Private collection, Titel: My House, 2012

100percentvaleur-DK, Title: Skygge Spil, 2012

Privat collection,, Titel: Taken By A Wing, 2012

Sold, Title: Pop Up Dance Boxer,2012

Sold, Title: Kys Frøen, 2012

Sold, Title: Piratos, 2012

Privacollection,Title: Abstract, 2012

Privacollection, Title: Transport, 2012

100percentvaleur-DK, Title: Lotto Box, 2012

Private collection, Title: Control By Sitting, 2011

Sold, Title: Controlstick, 2011

Private collection, Title: Den Frie Fugl,2010

Sold, Title: Papagaya, 2010

Private collection,Title: The Boxer, 2010

Private collection,Title: Manden For Livet, 2010

Reincarnation, Title: Stativet, 2010

Privat collection,, Title: Superhelten, 2010

100percentvaleur-DK, Title: Vandbærer, 2010

Reincarnation,Title: Crossways, 2010

Reincarnation, Title: Little Magarita, 2010

Special assigment, Title: En Roligan, 2010

Reincarnation, Title: Mrs. Sims, 2010

Reincarnation, Title: Flying Disaster, 2010

Reincarnation, Title: Kæreste par, 2010

Reincarnation, Title: The Cleaning Lady Who
Got To Fine, 2010

Sold, Title: Stoked Dog, 2012

private collection, Title: The Aeroplane Toy,

Reincarnation, Title: Little Angel, 2010

private collection, Title: Miss Hectic, 2010

Private Collection, Title: The Clown, 2010

Reincarnation, Title: Blinklys, 2010

Private collection, Title: The Queen, 2010

Private collection,Title: Couple Up, 2010

Private collection,Title: The Kid, 2010

Sold, Title: Lady with The Diamond, 2010

Private collection, Title: Goejleren, 2010

Sold, Title: Come To Daddy, 2010

Valeur prize, Title: The Tribe collector, 2010

Sold, Title: The Rabbit, 2010

Sold, Title: Nøglebarnet, 2010

100percentvaleur-DK, Title: To Be Married, 2010

Sold, Title: Birdy, 2009

Special assigment, Title: Kødhakkeren, 2009

100percentvaleur-DK, Title:The Silver Pen, 2009

Sold, Brick puzzle, 2009

Sold, Brick puzzle, 2009

Sold, Brick puzzle, 2009

Sold, Brick puzzle, 2009

Sold, Brick puzzle, 2009

Sold, Brick puzzle, 2009

Sold, Brick puzzle, 2009

Sold, Brick puzzle, 2009

Special Assignment, Lege- stol,2007

Experiment, Title: Bankeskrot, 2008

Experiment, Title: Hr. Mågeklat, 2008

Special Assignment, Title: Pedro and Jette,

Sold, Title: Død Eller Levende, 2006

Private collection, Title: Family, 2006

Private collection, Title: Angel, 2006

Sold, Title: 0 eg, 2006

Sold, Title: Trance action,2006

Private collection, Title: Safe Little Birdy,2006

Reincarnation, Title: Skeleton, 1998

Anonymous placing of sculpture inside a waterbassin, Copenhagen-DK, 1998